My Bikini Belly Workout System Review

Hey, ladies! Welcome to My Bikini Belly Review. My name is Valentin. I assume you are here because you have heard about the product. Let me help you make a smart decision on whether or not My Bikini Belly is right for you.

My goal is to give you an honest product review, not to write a sales letter vouching for something I do not believe in. But… if you have decided to give My Bikini Belly a try, please click the link below to download. I do get a small snack money if you purchase from my page.

Let’s take a quick glance at My Bikini Belly

Course: My Bikini Belly

Author: Shawna Kaminski

Intended Audience: Women 35+ years old

Goals: Flat belly in 21 days

Course Format: 3-phrase eBook (PDF) and workout videos. 6 Bonuses (see below for details)

Price: $37 $15 one-time access

Return policy: 60-day Money Back Guarantee




What is My Bikini Belly?

My Bikini Belly is a flat stomach training system without starving or suffering through boring workout routines. The course is designed specifically for women over 35 years old.

The majority of women carries “Menopause gene” in their DNA. The menopause molecules block the metabolism of belly fat. The good news is those molecules are hidden away inside your belly’s fat cells. But once you hit 35 years of age, your body automatically “switched on” the cells, flooding your stomach with more menopause molecules. If you wonder why it is so hard to lose fat after a certain age, this is why.

According to the author, Shawna Kaminski, all exercise routines are not equal. Exercising the wrong way can cause the natural process to accelerate fat storage in the belly. This is referred to as “menopause belly.”

Hence, the My Bikini Belly workout system is all about. It is a step-by-step exercise selection of the three-phase of flat stomach exercises. Shawna carefully programs the routines to match the current hormone state. The three phases include:

  • Week One: Bikini Belly Flush – slows down the menopause molecules
  • Week Two: Bikini Belly Burn – strengthens belly shrinking hormone
  • Week Three: Bikini Belly Blast – improves body metabolism rate

Shawna strategically lays out each workout. One builds off the last. They all work together to boost your metabolism. The fat burning results are greater than each exercise alone.


Meet the author

Shawna Kaminski is a 52-year-old researcher and author who has spent 25+ years training thousands of women. She also collaborates with some of the world’s best anti-aging and fat loss experts to share the most prized secrets which virtually hidden from the general public.

She was passionate about finding out why the industry’s most popular workouts just do not work well for women over 35. According to Shawna, it all comes down to whether or not you are activating the three parts of your body’s natural system. It is critical that all three are working together to allow your body will function at its very best.



Here’s what you’re about to discover in the My Bikini Belly training

  • Why today’s most popular workouts turn off your no. 1 belly shrinking hormone.
  • How to exercise in shorter and carefully sequenced routines to match your body’s new hormone levels, in particular for women over 35.
  • Lists of abs-targeted workouts to firm your stomach and slow down the menopause molecules.
  • The most time-efficient belly shrinking exercises you can start doing today.
  • A lesser known exercise routines which encourage the body to burn belly fat and increase blood flow.
  • Total body exercises to boost metabolism when you rest or sleep.
  • Unique combination workouts to balance your hormones, done in the right order.


Plus: 6 exclusive bonuses

  1. Bikini Belly Flush – a full video workout guide
  2. Bikini Belly Burn – a full video workout guide
  3. Bikini Belly Blast – a full video workout guide
  4. Lifetime updates of the program
  5. VIP access with free email consultation
  6. Elite support community – 24/7 online support with other members. Ask any questions, get inspired, exchange tips and experience, and more…

Final takeaways

One of the most asked questions is: will it work for me? And my true answer is: it will work for you if you want it to work for you. My Bikini Belly course is designed to achieve a firm, flat belly in the shortest time humanly possible (21 days).

I am CONFIDENT it will work for you, as it has for me.

However; it is, by no mean, a magic pill. You will have to commit time and effort following the instructions. After all, it is a combination of good old fashion exercise and well-balanced meals that will get the body and lifestyle you desire.

There is too much information out there. My Bikini Belly is a perfect guide to shaving years of all the nonsense fad diets and exercises that aren’t right for you. Forget starving yourself and boring yourself to tears while working out. The program provides you with the right tools and with the right support.

With the 60-day money back guaranteed that comes with ClickBank, you are virtually risking nothing but a moment of your time. The guarantee means you get to see the FULL product for FREE, and decide if it is a good fit. My only request is to take it for a full spin for 60 days before deciding one way or another. Click the link below to download your copy today.