10 Easy Tricks to Get Flat Belly Fast


It’s time to say hello to skinny jeans without even sucking it in. Learn about the less painful and long-lasting ways to get amazing flat abs.

In this post, you will learn the surprisingly easy secrets, tricks, and exercises to swear by. No matter your age, these methods will make shed the belly fat fast and feel even more confident.

Smart Eating

Experts suggest a protein snack between 3 pm to 4 pm. You can go for some almonds, apple or a protein bar. It helps increase metabolism and balance the blood sugar. When you keep your blood sugar low, your insulin level decrease. Insulin is what makes your body store fat in the midsection. Try not to skip that snack no matter what you do!

(Meal) Size matters

One of the most effective ways to eat for a flat belly is to eat a controlled portion of protein meals that include whole-grain foods and MUFAs. Whole grains help you lose stomach fat, says Keri Glassman, author of The O2 Diet and the Snack Factor Diet.

Chew More

The no. 1 tip from Dawn Jackson, author of the Flexitarian Diet, is to chew food until it feels like applesauce in your mouth. Well-digested food eliminates gas and, therefore, bloating. And digestion starts in the mouth. Start eating slower with your mouth clothes. Ideally, chew each bite at least ten times before swallowing. It’s also a good way to practice eating mindfully.

Belly-Zapping Hormone

The idea is to lower your insulin that stores fat in your tummy. To lower insulin is to reduce sugar intakes. Eat as little to no sugar helps lower the insulin level and increase the glucagon hormone. Glucagon hormone is the best hormone to burn the belly fat, said Jorge Cruise, author of the Belly Fat Cure.

Try This Flat-Belly Menu

For breakfast, try a cup of berries and a piece of whole-wheat bread with natural peanut butter. For lunch, try the spinach salad with grilled tofu, cherry tomatoes, and avocado, with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. As for dinner, grilled salmon, sautéed asparagus and a roasted potato.

Skip the Salt

Salt in your diet can make your stomach blat. Soy-sauce, even the low-sodium kind, will cause bloating instantly, according to Susan Irby, the author of Substitute Yourself Skinny. Instead of the traditional table salts, try using kosher salt or natural sea salt. Or use a tad of cayenne pepper or spicy salsa – these will help boost your metabolism as well.

Cheat (?!)

Cheat small tummy by dressing up to draw attention away from your mid-section. What’s your favorite body part? If it’s your legs, wear slim pants or skirts. Shoulders? Go cold-shoulder sweaters or something with a boatneck or sweetheart neckline. You get the idea.


The founders of Aerospace High Performance Center in NYC recommends boxing as a cardio routine as it burns extra calories. You can lose up to two inches of your waist in four weeks. Throw punches at a fast pace or with weight forces you to work your core and flatten your belly. Simply throw punches with alternating arms while holding 1-2 pound weights for eight minutes. Then do it without weight at a faster pace for another eight minutes to start.


Believe it or not, laughing strengthens your abs. Laughter Yoga incorporates laughing in yoga classes. So next time you’re laughing your butt off, you’re toning your abs!

Perfect Posture

You’re automatically engaging in toning your stomach when your posture is good. You will also look better. Remind yourself to stand tall and sit up straight. Heck, try a post-it notes to help remind yourself.